New Year’s Eve: not only Strauss and opera arias... - Giovanni Costantini conductor
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New Year’s Eve: not only Strauss and opera arias…

Not only waltzes and polkas by Strauss. And not only overtures by Rossini and opera arias. Between the Viennese tradition and the Italian style there is room to introduce other beauties to the public of the New Year’s concerts.
This is what I will try to do – as every year and, in fact, respecting tradition – also in the three concerts to celebrate the passage to the new year that I will conduct shortly: Saturday, December 30 in the beloved and wonderful Teatro Civico di Schio and January 1 in double replica at the Teatro Aurora of Campodarsego and in the delicious favor of the Teatro Accademico of Castelfranco Veneto.

Happy to return to conduct a New Year’s production and happy to do so at the head of the Orchestra Giovanile Regionale Filarmonia Veneta, with which he continues his collaboration. The wave of novelty, which helps to make the program particularly enjoyable, carries the names of soprano Cecilia Rizzetto and the young violinist Elisa Cecchini, two bright and enterprising colleagues with whom I can not wait to go on stage.

And here it is, then, the wide-ranging program: opening of the curtain with the overture from “L’Italiana in Algeri” by Rossini and following the aria “Una voce poco fa” from “Il barbiere di Siviglia”; space to the solo violin with the French delicacy and elegance in the famous Meditation from the opera “Thaïs” by Massenet and with the fireworks of the Introduction and Rondò capriccioso by Saint-Saëns; the Strauss arrive first with the Tick Tack Polka and then with the polka “To the hunt!” ; again an idyllic parenthesis with Rachmaninov’s Vocalise, a free and wordless chant, and then back to the musical pyrotechny in the famous Ciarda for violin by Monti; we reach the final with another polka much loved by the audience, the Polka of the Farmers, and with the “Mein Herr Marquis” air of Strauss. You can not miss the waltz “On the beautiful blue Danube”, as there will be several encores, with some surprises.

The 500 seats of the Teatro Civico di Schio are already almost sold out, but filling the 400 of the Aurora Theatre will be a feat; soon on sale also the tickets of the small Italian theater of Castelfranco Veneto, that this year, thanks to the same synergy between public and private that gave life to the concert of Schio, renews the tradition of the New Year’s Eve.
At Schio and Castelfranco, at the end of the concert, toast in the foyer. But even Capodarsego will not miss the bubbles: we bring them on stage, as always.