New Year's Eve for the debut with the Youth Philharmonia Veneta - Giovanni Costantini conductor
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New Year’s Eve for the debut with the Youth Philharmonia Veneta

The curtain opens with a Rossini overture, arias from the world of opera of all time, signed by Mozart, Puccini and Dvorák, the Viennese rhythm of the waltzes and the crackling rhythm of Strauss’s polkas. And after the famous Intermezzo from Mascagni’s “Cavalleria Rusticana” and a dance by Arrigo Pedrollo from Vicenza, the grand finale with the waltz “Sul bel Danubio blu”. A surprise encore to follow.

Happy to return to conduct a New Year’s Eve production, after a two-year break, and happy to do so at the helm of the Orchestra Giovanile Regionale Filarmonia Veneta, with whom I hope this is just the beginning of a collaboration.

On Wednesday 28 December we will go on stage in preview at the Teatro Civico di Schio which, in a virtuous collaboration between public and private, has managed to create this show; on the 29th at the Sala Polivalente of Breda di Piave (TV) and on the 30th again at the Civico di Schio for a gala evening followed by a toast.

On stage, together with the freshness of some of the best young musicians in the area, there is the experience of the coloratura soprano Maria Clara Maiztegui and the tenor of the Coro dell’Arena di Verona Alex Magri. And to embellish the evening there are the choreographies of the dancer Marta Giovanna Tabacco, which I wanted to give image and movement to the music, because New Year’s Eve is also synonymous with dance.

The desire is to create culture by offering entertainment, the hope is to excite and amuse.