Leadership and concertazione: an orchestra conductor at Confartigianato - Giovanni Costantini conductor
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Leadership and concertazione: an orchestra conductor at Confartigianato

An invitation as original as it was welcome came to me from Confartigianato Vicenza, and in particular from the Centro di Sviluppo dell’Artigianato within the important entrepreneurial institution: to bring the testimony of an orchestra conductor to the training teachers of Confartigianato.
Trainer and conductor are two figures sharing the same objectives: to bring out talents, motivate continuous improvement and lead the work group to excellence. In the dialogue with the president of CESAR Carlo Pellegrino РThursday 2nd December  in the conference room of the Congress Center Рideas will emerge, among others, on the subject of leadership and concertation of work, from the construction of the project to the authenticity of results.

Without pretending to teach anything and, indeed, with the embarrassment of being able to say something relevant, I will try to tell about our working method, the importance of certain choices and “no”, the value of slowness and preparation , the coexistence of relaxation and control in work, the difference between charisma and credibility, the importance of the relationship and the search for empathy with every single orchestral.