A new season of Musica Natura Relazioni - Giovanni Costantini conductor
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A new season of Musica Natura Relazioni

After the months spent each closed in their own home and in their own thoughts, having the only one computer screen on the world, the joy of being able to live a second season of Musica Natura Relazioni in the Parco Naturale Locale del Monte Baldo is twofold.
These three keywords are like the strings of an instrument perfectly in tune with each other: their consonance generates harmony. This was the case for the first edition last year, which saw the light almost by chance: music, by its nature, generates relationships.
It was in fact the happy experience of the Palestra d’Orchestra that gave the start to a small program of events that tries to satisfy everyone’s tastes and needs: an interactive show for children and families, thanks to Elisabetta Garilli and her Garilli Sound Project; the street rhythms of the Magicaboola Brass Band, which will bring brass and percussion through the streets and squares; the violin making workshop of the master luthier Luca Baratto, who will work with the doors open for two days; an organ concert by Massimiliano Guido, on the oldest instrument in Trentino, located right in the church of Brentonico, an instrument that will be presented by the one who recently restored it, Marco Fratti organ builder of Campogalliano (Modena).
It will then be the time for the Palestra d’Orchestra, which had 27 members from four Italian regions; between welcome returns and new knowledge, the course is confirmed as a winning proposal precisely for the formula that combines professional orchestral training and attention to new needs: from body awareness techniques to cultural relationships, in an environment where silence is at home.
Before the final concerts – at the Garden of Palazzo Eccheli Baisi and at the Mori Colli Zugna Winery – there will be space for an evening of words and music, with the writer and mountaineer Marco Albino Ferrari, the director of the MUSE Michele Lanzinger and the guitarist and composer Lorenzo Frizzera.
Here are the guests of this summer 2020 who will meet in Brentonico, at the foot of Monte Baldo, despite some restrictions but with the possibility of lowering the mask, breathing good air and giving yourself a smile.
And all this is possible thanks to the harmonious relationships – let the play on words be allowed – between the realities of different areas of the territory: in addition to the Comune di Brentonico and the Park of Monte Baldo, the ARCI and the SAT of Brentonico, the Associazione Filarmonica di Rovereto and the Mori Colli Zugna Winery.