A book for voice and sound - Giovanni Costantini conductor
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A book for voice and sound

“In the musical field, focusing too rigidly on a goal trains the technical skills but alters the natural expressive modality”. There is a lot of analysis, as much knowledge of the subject and a long experiential experimentation in the book by Maria Höller-Zangenfeind “The body of the voice” (Casa Editrice Astrolabio, 2019) dedicated to the role of the voice and to the bridge that this constitutes between the inner world and surrounding space.

Thanks to the invitation of Atem-Tonus-Ton®, Friday 5 November at 18:00 at L’Ancora bookshop in Trento, I will talk (unworthily) about this book and the role it can have in the training and profession of musicians – not only singers – together with Silvia Biferale, who besides being a breath therapist and pedagogue is one of the most successful researchers in the field of sensory experience in musical expression. Her publications “The therapy of the breath” (Astrolabio, 2014) and “The child and the music” (Edizioni Curci, 2010), as well as being the curator of the work of Höller-Zangenfeind that we are going to present.

I am convinced that reading the book and the chat that may ensue with Silvia Biferale are a further opportunity to reflect on the quality of our work, which can never be separated from the quality of our life: music is breath, it is voice, it is body; so are life itself and the relationships it implies.

The appointment is organized in collaboration with the Audiation Institute (an association for research and training on music learning according to Edwin E. Gordon’s Music Learning Theory), MUSE Science Museum of Trento and MAM Musica Ascolto Movimento.